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Hi, I’m

Brian Ivander

“I believe in being an inspiration for others”

Bit about me

I believe that life is meaningful when we have a purpose in life, and my purpose is to “be inspiring”. Being an inspiration starts from inside which comes from self awareness, to outside by being real to people. My unending goal in life is to achieve balance in these areas of life: knowledge, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial.

Passions & Interests

I am passionate about solving problem! About creating products people love and make their lives easier. 


I am an entrepreneur at heart. I am passionate to talk anything about business


I am following the latest tech and I code myself. Javascript is my primary language.


I am a self taught designer. I design logo professionally & consult branding strategies.

Nature & Eco

I always wonder about the nature. I am interested in Agriculture, Nature, and Eco-living.

My Writings

I put my thoughts and experiences through these writings. Some of these contents are written in Bahasa Indonesia as I’m creating these content to educate Indonesia’s young people.


The secrets behind applying Resume/CV

(Rahasia di balik melamar kerja dengan Resume/CV)

My Startup Journey

I wrote my journey when starting my own startup This was an exciting and rewarding experience that enriches my knowledge more in tech business world.

My Core Values


B ALANCE every aspect of my life

R ESPECT differences, see from other perspectives

I NTEGRITY meaning I really do what I say

G RIT and passionate, never give up

H UMBLE and have a teachable heart

T HANKFUL and helpful for others

Connect with me

Just chat me if you want to know me more. You can find me on social media or send me a direct email.

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